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Your guide to NIPT test

With the advancement of science, a lot of things that would be called figments of imagination have now come to life. From building robots to understanding everything there is to about a baby about to be born, science has got it all covered. One such invention is the NIPT test which was invented to help a lot of expecting parents. The NIPT test is used to determine if a baby about to be born is healthy or has any abnormality like down syndrome.

What is the NIPT test?

NIPT stands for the non-invasive prenatal test. The function of this test is to provide all genetic related information about an unborn kid. Here a syringe is used to draw some blood from the pregnant woman, similar to how it would be done during blood donation, only the quantity taken here is lesser. This blood is then sent to the appropriate laboratory for testing for any abnormalities in the blood to determine the condition of down syndrome before birth.

Cost to get the NIPT test done?

Normally NIPT test cost ranges from 15 to 20 thousand rupees. Depending on the city and the hospital the NIPT test price may vary a bit.

What all is covered under the NIPT test?

Since the test is concerned with reporting about any abnormalities in the child to be born, the NIPT test can detect whether or not the child to be born has Down syndrome, Edward’s syndrome, Patau syndrome or Turner syndrome.

Who needs to opt for the NIPT test?

Anyone concerned to be a couple or a mother can opt for the test, it is specifically advised that women who are above 35 and are going to become mothers for the first time should go for the test. Also, if the family has a history of any kind of genetic disorder then it is again advisable to go through the test.

Alternative to NIPT test

The amniocentesis test is an alternative to the NIPT test. The function of the test is more or less similar to NIPT. The former involves a long needle instead of a syringe. The needle is put through the pregnant woman’s abdomen and a sample of her amniotic fluid is collected in place of blood. This fluid is then used to determine any abnormalities that may be present in the unborn kid. The risks involved in this test are more as compared to the NIPT. A lot of factors are taken into account when conducting the test and depending on it the amniocentesis test cost anywhere between 7000 and 18000 rupees.

NIPT and Prenatal Ultrasound

While there are alternatives to NIPT there are also complementary processes to the same. A prenatal ultrasound is another essential procedure that a mom-to-be can get done. The purpose is more or less similar to the NIPT but here any problem caused to the mother can also be detected other than checking for any problems with the baby.

NIPT blood test is different as compared to ultrasound, in ultrasound sound waves are used to check on the baby and mother and do not require drawing blood or any other substance from the mother or the baby. A more refined and clear picture providing ultrasound may require putting a tubular structure in the vagina for checking the condition of the mother and the baby, otherwise, a simple device can send sound waves over the stomach area and the process can be conducted without any fuss.

Why go for NIPT?

One may ponder the question as to why they should choose to go for NIPT. The answer lies in the fact that it is never bad to be doubly sure, especially in such matters, also the test is very cheap and is harmless to the baby or the mother. The NIPT screening results would put to bed any doubts that would otherwise be lingering in the minds of the parents.

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