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Conducting fetal tests with Dr Rajeeb Jena

The healthcare field requires the contribution of professional caregivers who are dedicated to save the lives of the patients and hold on to their integrity of the job. Dr Rajeeb Jena is one of the best doctors in the country who specialises in fetal treatment and prediction of pregnancy complications.

He has conducted successful delivery of the child and mother's care when it comes to tests and surgeries. He is a renowned fetal medicine expert who shares the knowledge and skills to conduct experiments and tests to provide effective results.

We shall be discussing the various tests that are performed to check the health of the fetus and the mother.

  • NT Scan -
  • Fetal medicines are incorporated to check the health of the fetus and the mother. The nuchal translucency is performed as a part of fetal ultrasound which makes sure that the baby is in the right position inside the mother's womb.

    The procedure involves an expert doctor who tests the nuchal fluid at the back of the neck of the child. The baby is monitored for genetic defects and chromosomal diseases if present.

    If the fetus has Down syndrome the symptoms are easily detected and it can be dealt with during the early stages. This is a method of advanced fetal ultrasound that is performed with expertise at the end of 12 weeks of pregnancy.

    During this time it is easy to detect chromosomal defects and treat them accordingly. A small part of the fluid around the neck is extracted to provide the results.

  • Genetic sonogram-
  • This is the process that is conducted by the doctors during the third trimester of the pregnancy cycle. The test results provide answers to queries regarding structural defects in the fetus.

    A healthy baby should not possess any deformities and the test makes sure that the doctors can obtain surety in this regard. Genetic disorders like Down Syndrome are also detected through this procedure which helps the parents to predict the health of their child.

  • TIFFA-
  • Maternal-fetal medicine helps to look after the health of the mother during the various stages of the pregnancy cycle. The health of the mother is very fragile and delicate during this time and various tests are performed to check the progress of the baby.

    The Fetal Anomaly scan test is performed by the doctors during the advanced stage of pregnancy. Usually, the time during which an expert will recommend Targeted Imaging for fetal anomalies is around the 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy.

    The test results enable the parents as well as the doctors to look for any congenital disease that may affect the baby after childbirth. It is important to ensure that a child gets a healthy life and suffers no disease and pain. To make sure of the health, it is vital to perform the tests as the health experts will recommend accordingly.

    The scanning helps the doctor to visualise the structure of the baby and its whole body. The scanning provides three dimensional and four-dimensional imaging to make sure about the structural defects in the fetus if spotted.

  • Fetal growth and doppler-
  • This is a method of advanced fetal ultrasonography that is performed by specialists to make sure about the growth and size of the baby. It helps the doctors to estimate the rate of blood flow through the placenta and the exchange of nutrients between the mother and the child.

  • Fetal Echo-
  • Echocardiography monitors the heartbeats of the child and helps the doctors to predict the body functioning of the fetus and its growth.

  • Advanced 3D/4D ultrasound -
  • This technique is used by fetal specialists to visualise the structure of the baby and spot any physical deformities in its body

  • Gynaecology USG with 3D TVs-
  • The specialists and doctors enable the mother to have a look at the growth and development of her child through the mentioned tests and check their health conditions.

    Thus with the means of the following tests and results obtained, the doctor can help the pregnant mother and child to determine healthy childbirth. Get in touch with the TruScan team today to avail more information about this topic and to seek direct assistance from experts such as Dr Rajeeb Jena.

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